Energy Workers and Readers


Anthony – Crystal and Intuitive Card Reader, Intuitive Counselor

Availability: Monday, 11am – 7pm, Alternating Sundays 11am – 3pm. If you’d like to schedule a session with Anthony for a Sunday that is not currently available online, please call us at 646-781-9203 to book it.

Anthony has been providing intuitive readings in New York City since 1968. His clientele is now global and continues to expand.  Anthony’s academic training in behavioral science influences his perspective as a reader,  and his approach is to help a client identify their ‘original wounds’ and gently guide them to modify and correct behavioral patterns that are counterproductive to their overall wellbeing.  Employing the principles of Sacred Geometry via the use of crystalline structures, creative visualization and meditation maximizes the results of his sessions.

He authored and has been teaching a workshop series in self empowerment since 1971.  That course of study continues to evolve as quantum science reveals evidence that explains events that were previously considered mystical.  He strives to provide and present the most recent scientific data to support each workshop.  Topics include: Meditation and Creative Visualization, Creating Your Personal Sacred Space, Developing Your Intuition, Elemental Balancing and Guided Meditations.

Anthony is currently completing his training in Craniosacral Therapy and looking forward to being able to offer that service by the end of 2019. 

Filip Klein – Astrologer

Availability: Monday – Thursday, 11am – 7pm; Saturday, 11am – 7pm

Filip Klein is evolving Astrology! By incorporating large asteroids and extra-solar planets (newly discovered planets beyond pluto) he is able to provide finer detail and a greater depth of interpretation to Astrological charts. As we evolve and enlighten ourselves as a species we must evolve our systems to match this influx of new information. Filip keeps it simple and explains step by step what major issues are currently impacting your life, events to plan for or avoid, reflecting on the past to bring deeper understanding to unresolved issues and how to heal them simply and directly.

Filip has been studying Shamanisim, Metaphysics, Astrology, Egyptian Magic and Energy Healing for over 15 years to bring a new and updated astrology for the New Age. Originating from NYC, he has traveled far and wide and studied extensively to bring only the highest and purest service.

He also runs a psychic reading and shamanic healing practice.

B.Ber Kabbalist, Metagemologist, Energy Worker, Teacher

Availability:  With 24 hours notice, B. is available any day of the week.

B. is a practicing and well-studied Kabbalist and full time Energy Worker. B. is also a Metagemologist, which specializes in combining the physical and metaphysical applications of stones. B. contributes her vast  knowledge to her diligent studies of Melody, the author of the “Love is in the Earth” series, Judy Hall, author of the “Crystal Bible” series, and the IGA’s Gemological syllabus.

B. blends the healing properties of crystals, the resonance of sound, and the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah the Sfirot, and the Tree of Life – also known as the Chakra and energy centers of the body in her sessions.
B. has studied a variety of different disciplines and is fluent in several integrated healing practices and Therapeutic modalities. B., early in her career, began to understand the art of healing the body through Western and Asian dietary practices and how to direct a persons Qi (life force) to help facilitate more nourishing and effective results.

B. is based in the New York City and Woodstock and she sees clients both nationally and internationally. A session with B. is a positive, centering and exhilarating experience for any client to maximize the Self and well being.

Benjamin Lang – Reiki Practitioner
Availability: Friday, 11am – 7pm

Benjamin is a Reiki practitioner, facilitator and teacher dedicated to expanding our capacity for unity consciousness. His immersive healing and educational experiences are grounded in communicating energywork with passion, relevance and accessibility.


Benjamin embraced his spiritual identity as a child and has cultivated his gifts throughout his five years as an energyworker professional. He is a Master//Teacher of the Usui-Tibetan Reiki tradition, a fusion of the original Japanese system and ancient shamanic techniques.

Benjamin’s work integrates his formal training with his intuitive affinity for energetics. His sessions incorporate Reiki, crystal instruments and sacred geometry to both channel and structure universal life force energy.

Between 2016-2018, Benjamin was the resident Reiki Master at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, where he offered private sessions and led monthly circles. He has since collaborated with The Assemblage, Ambrosia Elixirs and Daya Yoga Studio and regularly serves conscious dance events around the City.

Benjamin is inspired by our innate ability to heal, create and embody our true brilliance. He believes that we are all unique expressions of the all – unified in our radiance to and from oneness.